We recruit consultants every year in September and January.


Follow us on social media for application details and deadlines (or e-mail All university students in the Edinburgh area are encouraged to apply, and we welcome students of all ages and disciplines.

The heart and soul of FreshSight’s operations. Recruited over a highly competitive application and case-study interview process, each FreshSight consultant brings a unique skill-set and personality to the table, and are generally among the brightest, empathetic and collaborative students among us. Our alumni represent some 127 degrees and hail from countries as far apart as Finland and India, Austria and Japan, Scotland and the USA.

   The People   

With guidance from mentors and experts, practical team exercises and internal insights accrued from a decade of successful projects, our training program ensures that the solutions our consultants deliver to clients are well-informed, tailored, and scrutinised from every angle. Over 9 weeks, we help consultants hone their skills and recommendations to ensure that they feel like they have not only meaningfully contributed to the community, but have also grown personally. Every project develops a different skill set and a semester with FreshSight is always a rigorous learning experience.

  The Experience  

You will be working on projects for fee-paying clients who are contracting FreshSight to undertake consultancy work for them. Your commitment to your project and client is vital to ensuring that your experience as well as the client’s is the best we are able to deliver. Your work will have a tangible and significant positive effect on your client’s business. The satisfaction of seeing one’s work prove beneficial to someone else is one of the many reasons many consultants describe FreshSight as the highlight of their university experience.

  The Impact  



Stefany Soh, 2019 & 2020 Consultant

"FreshSight was my introduction to consulting. I really enjoyed how the team was so diverse and everyone brought different ideas to the table with the same enthusiasm. The community was intelligent and welcoming, offering support to me both in and outside of sessions. They are a big part of why I have decided to start my career in consulting."

Sarah Mae Smit Past Consultant.jpg

Sarah Mae Smit, 2016 Consultant

“Being a FreshSight consultant in my third year was one of the most stimulating and rewarding experiences I had at university. I have great admiration for the creativity, dedication and hard-work that the FreshSight management team possess. This is not only reflected in the value added to FreshSight’s clients but also in the quality and effort put into training each semester.”



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