• Product Development
  • Service Design

  • Growth Strategy

  • Partner Engagement Strategy


  • Grant Application Support
  • Funding Stream Development

  • Income Diversification Strategy

  • Pricing Tools


  • Market Demand Assessment
  • Market Segmentation Analysis

  • Marketing and Branding Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy


  • Community Consultation
  • Social Impact Evaluation

  • Theory of Change Modelling 

  • Database Development



Social Bite

“At a very busy time for our organisation, the consistent and clear communication from FreshSight was welcome. We are already using the deliverable on a near-daily basis.”

Bugs for Life

“I thought FreshSight was very professional. I really enjoyed the way the team engaged with [my company] and how they held the presentation, respected our time, and understood our ethos. These guys know what they are doing.”


Forgan Arts Centre

“We hope to work with FreshSight again in the future and have no hesitation in recommending the initiative and the people.”



Pricing .png

FreshSight works with companies of all financial means, from local start-ups to multinational companies. We charge our clients on an ability-to-pay basis for our services, using our transparent pricing model. This model considers organisation structure and some financial metrics. Our income is used to (to get consultants trained and accredited) train consultants, subsidise our fees to smaller clients and cover operating costs.


A proportion of our income is always dedicated to supporting the organisations who need our service the most. This means that last year we supported six pro bono clients with over 2400 hours of work.



We are always looking to start conversations with organisations interested in our services. Ewan Rawcliffe, our Projects Manager, should be your first port of call. He will act as a point of contact leading into each project and discuss all aspects of FreshSight’s processes, competencies and vision with clients. Together with the client, Ewan will help to define the project scope and develop an effective brief.