Our Virtual FreshSight Experience

Virtual FreshSight Experience Kirsty: I was concerned that due to the current guidelines in regards to COVID-19 that FreshSight wouldn’t be going ahead this semester but the management team have clearly put so much effort into adapting the FreshSight experience. The interview process was interactive and went really smoothly, despite this being the first time it had to be done virtually. So far my virtual experience has been extremely positive, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet my fellow teammates and other FreshSight members in person when we can! Muski: To be completely honest, I was extremely hesitant about joining FreshSight because I wasn’t sure whether the experience would be worthwhile if conducted virtually. I love meeting new people and I thought that FreshSight wouldn’t be the best place to do this but, I’m really glad to say that I was wrong. As soon as my interview began and I was placed in an environment with like-minded individuals, I knew that FreshSight was going to be a really exciting opportunity for me despite being virtual! Although I would prefer meeting my team members in person, I have to say that the ability to attend weekly training sessions in my sweatpants while facing no judgement is a great perk of this virtual experience! Leigh: I was hesitant to apply for FreshSight due to the limitations of COVID-19, however with it being my last year of university, I wanted to at least give the experience a shot. While conducting everything virtually is a very different experience, I have loved it so far. The weekly trainings have been a great place to learn and meet new people, which is increasingly hard in current times. I have found the early weeks on our project really interesting and I’m excited to delve deeper into our research whilst gaining more experience in consultancy! George: As with most consultants this semester, I was unsure what to expect coming into FreshSight during a pandemic. However, I have been pleasantly surprised with how full an experience it has been. I’ve really enjoyed engaging with my fellow consultants on both the project and on a social basis and the team training has been interactive, educational and often entertaining. I am looking forward to furthering my consultancy skills as the process continues and making a real impact when the project culminates. What pandemic? Daphne: Due to Covid regulations, our experience this year has been totally online. The FreshSight team has adapted brilliantly to this “new normal”. The training sessions have been engaging, interactive and informative. Initially, I was apprehensive about the new setup, and almost didn’t apply, but FreshSight so far has been an amazing experience, and I wouldn’t let the virtual aspect put anyone off. At the end of the day, the virtual nature of FreshSight this semester hasn’t affected the social impact we are making, and that is what really counts! Donald: Initially I had reservations about the virtual format, but we have hit the ground running. In a space of 4 weeks I have already learnt so much about the 3rd sector through well put workshops and webinars from the training managers. Additionally, working in the LLL team has been a pleasant and intellectually stimulating experience as the team members are always keen to help each other and share ideas effectively to make strides in our work!


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