Reflections on Our Project

As our time at Freshsight sadly comes to a close and our project reaches its endpoint, we reflect on our journey as a team, consulting for Kin Collective – a perinatal social enterprise:

First and foremost, we have found our work incredibly rewarding. Whist being a diverse team, both in degree subject and interests; we are all united by our aim of helping to create and maintain a meaningful social impact in the 3rd Sector. Kin Collective does precisely this by providing peri-natal support and services to vulnerable individuals both online and soon (hopefully) in person. We have greatly appreciated the opportunity to advise them on how to best perform this role.

Freshsight has provided us with a wealth of resources and expertise to do this. In weekly training, we are told how to format, research, and analyse information to best suit our client’s needs. Additionally, halfway through the project we had the chance, at Think Tank, to present our findings to a professional fundraiser. This influenced a key part of our project, namely advising on the legal status of Kin Collective. A few weeks later in our mock panel presentation, being mercilessly ripped to pieces by management not only developed our resilience, but also motivated us dramatically to improve the structure of our project. We were therefore able to construct an impressive presentation to yet more experts in the field. Whilst their feedback was very positive, they said that the most important thing for us to keep in mind was the viability of our recommendations. We will reflect on this in our final deliverable.

Navigating the world of virtual consultancy has been a learning curve for us all. Some of us were concerned to begin with: being hurled in and out of breakout rooms, awkwardly interrupting each other during a meeting or making an awe-inspiring contribution only to realise that your mic was muted. However, we all adapted very quickly and appreciated the flexibility of being able to hold a meeting at very short notice. This has been especially helpful in adjusting the direction of our project quickly when circumstances have changed. Whilst many of us have valued getting to know people we otherwise would not have met; we do miss the social side of things. Writing this now, I realise that half the people in my team I have never met in person which is a strange thought.

As Lead Consultant, and a returning consultant, I have personally found this project very different to last semester’s. Beyond the virtual nature of it all, our client’s urgent need to raise funds means that as a team we have had to be far more responsive and adaptable to changes that have occurred. The project this year therefore has been far less linear. Fortunately, being online has allowed for more regular meetings meaning our recommendations have been tailored more explicitly to our client.

All in all, we have all had a thoroughly enjoyable and enriching experience at Freshsight and many of us hope to be back next Semester!


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