My FreshSight Experience by Alessia Cioconea

FreshSight was the best experience I had on campus. In this post, I’ll tell you about my experience, to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Getting accepted

Going through the application process was quite intense. This was my second time applying, after getting rejected pre-interview last semester. I was coming in a bit discouraged about my prospects of getting in, but I decided to attend a consulting event where FreshSight was presenting. There, I got to speak to the team, and walked away knowing two things: where I had gone wrong first time around and, more importantly, that I was absolutely set on joining FreshSight and its amazing people.

Interviews were another hurdle; the case studies are guaranteed to be challenging. Nevertheless, you get to discuss them both with others and alone, which I really liked. Sooner than I expected, I was attending Frontloading, and speaking to the management members that a few days before had interviewed me in PearTree, everyone relaxed and warm and lovely.

Getting on

I will admit I was a bit intimidated at first: a lot of the people around me were older, even MSc or PhD level. Luckily, I started feeling way more comfortable after meeting my amazing teammates.

Being part of a good team feels the same way a good friendship feels: everything just clicks into place, and feels easy. I never thought that serious work, for paying, renowned clients, could be fun; but what with the cookies Hamdani would bake for us, and Hannah's (our LC) brilliant intro games, each meeting quickly turned into just a bunch of friends working on something important.

I speak to so many people who ask me about how time consuming FreshSight is, and tell me they're worried about that, and my response is always: I'm pretty sure it was time consuming, but it didn't feel that way. At all times, I knew what I was doing was valuable, and I knew exactly how my contribution fit into the whole. It's a time commitment, sure, but I never felt time-pressured: I always had my team mates to fall back on when swamped in deadlines, and all the time I put in was time I wanted to put in, because I enjoyed the task.

Final thoughts

I can't promise your experience will run as smoothly. Some people had a tougher time with the client, or delays in developing a team bond. Having said that, as a consultant, you should be here looking for a challenge. You’re given so many resources to run with: from the management mentors to third sector and business experts, so the only limit is what you choose to make of them.

That's important, I think. Everyone will have a different experience, but everyone also gets the following: a complex problem to solve, a chance to contribute to the community, training to develop transferable skills. All alongside kind and hardworking people. Ideal, if you ask me.


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