- - - Our service - - -

FreshSight provides custom 8-week, business consultations to any organisation hoping to grow their social impact. During the consultation period,  our student consultants work closely with clients on a pre-determined project area, giving professional advice and developing innovative solutions. At the end of the consultation, clients will received a "deliverable", a written amalgamation of all research and recommendations.

Unlike traditional consultancy companies, we charge a small one-off fee to our clients and then reinvest all of the money back into FreshSight so that we can continue to deliver our valuable service to more members in our community.

- - - Past Clients - - - 

FreshSight has now worked with over 100 clients on a range projects on issues such as engaging stakeholders, growth solutions, marketing, financial success, social innovation, process improvement, and membership retention.  

ChangeMaker Partnership

2017 marks the 10th year of FreshSight. As we celebrate, grow and strengthen, we are committed to providing insight for social innovators tackling our most pressing challenges.

In Autumn 2017, FreshSight launched the ChangeMarker Partnerships programme, a fund to provide pro-bono consultancy services to social enterprises with ambitious proposals to #makechangehappen.



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